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Ars Musicae o.z.

Ars Musicae o.z.

The "Ars Musicae o.z." promotes the mainly Argentine and Slovak cultures, as well as the Ibero-American culture.
The main objective of these association is the exchange of these diverse cultures, from their beauty and magnificence through the autochthonous Traditions, which grant representation and identity of said communities and regions.

Given that Tradition is the transmission of customs, behaviors, memories, beliefs, legends, for the people of a community, and that what is transmitted becomes part of the culture, we begin by spreading the Traditions of countries like Argentina, Iberoamerica and Slovakia.

Our intention is to bring these diverse cultures closer to the people through music, literature, plastic arts, traditional dances, the development of related topics in programmed meetings such as "Tertulias", etc.

Ars Musicae o.z.

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